Preparing for Your Design Appointment

Designing Jewelry is easy and fun with your free Design Appointment
Preparing for Your Design Appointment
From the dreaming phase, to the final reveal of your new heirloom.
You’re ready to take the leap and book your appointment!
Whether you have already selected a design to make or need more direction, your first Design Appointment will be a full hour of fun, education, and excitement.
Follow these expert tips to get the most out of your Design Appointment.
White Gold Hidden Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Halo Style Engagement Ring Princess Cut
The Framework
Answering the Key Questions
Some of our clients have had a key design in mind for years, but most of our clients come to the first Design Appointment with only loose ideas and details.
I ask every client to come prepared with a few details and looks they have seen & loved.  It can feel a little overwhelming to lock in those details right away, but here are some questions to prepare for:
    • What is your general style? (modern, antique, classic, etc.)
    • What metal colors do you prefer?
    • Do you have any metal allergies?
    • What stone shapes do you like?
    • What is your timeline? (1 month? 2-3 months? 6 months?)
    • Is there a specific date I need to be sensitive to?
    • What is your budget range? (A ballpark figure is ok!)
Narrowing Down Your Ideas
Design Details, Setting Styles, and Silhouette
Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to get into the finer details.
During your Design Appointment, we will look through sample styles, discuss small details, and examine setting styles.  You can make the most of your time with us by organizing some looks you’ve seen and loved.
You don’t have to step into a jewelry store to narrow down those tastes!  Here are the resources we suggest to organize your thoughts and likes.
  • DO:  Make a Pinterest Board or gather some links/images.
  • DO:  Take The Style Quiz, if you’re unsure on your ring style.
  • DO:  Save any social media links.
  • DO:  Save screenshots or images taken when you’ve shopped for jewelry before.
  • DO:  Think about any colors you prefer, especially if you plan to use gemstones in your design.
  • DO:  Bring any heirloom gemstones/diamonds you have & want to use.
The Key to A Successful Appointment
Pro Tip:  My goal is to find the best value for your goals, not max out your budget or rush you.  The more information that you provide will help me guide you accordingly, and also ensure we meet your deadlines.


The entire process was easy and fun, we learned so much, and Sarah communicated with us every step of the way. I enjoyed getting to experiment with different designs during the CAD stage, and it was so cool to have a resin model of my ring to wear around the house before we finalized the design.

When to make a Design Appointment
We suggest making a Design Appointment when you’re within 6 months of purchasing.
Metal, gemstone, and diamond markets fluctuate.  To ensure accurate design quoting, we always provide “quote locks” for 2 weeks.  If your timeline changes, then we are happy to provide a fresh quote to accurately reflect current markets.
Keep in mind that diamond and gemstone availability can change quickly.  We review education and options extensively with you before bringing in a curated selection of gems or diamonds for your consideration.  Although we never wish to rush your decision, a gem or diamond cutter might only allow us a few days to a week to borrow a stone for your review.  Trust your jeweler to secure the right gemstone/diamond at the perfect time, and be ready to say “this is the one!” when we find the ideal option for you.
If your timeline changes, keep us updated!  We always say that we “cruise along at 40 mph” during the custom design process, unless you are looking to have your heirloom within 4-6 weeks.  We can always speed up or slow down the process, as you need.
What To Expect During Your Appointment
It's Our Job to Ensure You Hit a Home Run
During your free Design Appointment, we will generally get to know each other, talk about gemstone/diamond options and qualities, see real-life examples of styles, discuss proportions & metals, obtain sizes and measurements, and examine the craftsmanship process.
Part of our expertise is guiding you through the process & anticipating your questions.
With over a decade in the industry, we’ve make hundreds of pieces–from complex to simple.  Likewise, we pride ourselves on helping our clients identify their style, needs, and goals.
After Your Appointment
You will leave your appointment with newfound knowledge, as well as a recap email with all of your details.  Included in your recap email will be a link to your personal Design Board, so you can stay up-to-date on next steps and expectations.  Each new client receives one free Artboard or list of suggested ideas, delivered for your review within a week of our initial meeting.
If we’re a fit for you (and we’re confident that we will be!), take the next steps with us in design retainer, sourcing, and hitting a home run together.