Round Diamonds

Round diamonds are a classic and timeless choice for any jewelry
Finding the perfect Round Diamond
Hint: It's much easier than finding Carmen Sandiego.
Round Brilliant Cut diamonds: the classic, iconic choice for any engagement ring, pendant, or pair of diamond stud earrings.
I’ve great news for you!  By far, round brilliant cut diamonds are the easiest to predict in performance.  This shape is the only one to receive a GIA-given “Cut Grade” and has plenty of benefits for today’s modern buyer.
This post is one in a series of choosing the best diamond for you, and balancing your diamond budget.
Why a Round Brilliant Cut diamond is a money-saving choice
For this post, we’ll focus on the modern Round Brilliant Cut diamond.  (Sure, there are other round diamonds, such as Transitional Cut, Old European Cut, but let’s keep this simple.)
Round brilliant cut diamonds are cut for carat weight and brilliance, with a premium fetched for Ideal or Excellent cut.

Additionally, round brilliant cuts tend to be the most expensive per carat.  Why?  When cutting for a round diamond, original rough loss/waste is about 50-60%.  That means that a finished round diamond comprises only 40% of the original rough.  To save material, a talented cutter will cut a smaller diamond and a larger diamond from a single crystal.

Of course, the tradeoff is performance.  Due to the shape, cutting, and mathematically ideal light return, round diamonds will always have the premier mix of performance and visual size.

    • Worked one-on-one with each client without a design retainer or commission.
    • Average design/project length: 4 weeks
    • 60% of clients were non-local, meaning they worked with us from locations outside Louisville.
    • All clients kept up with their project virtually, instead of calling endlessly for updates.
Average savings compared to big box stores: 20%.
How are you able to do all of this without a big storefront?
Connections and relationships, my friends.  After spending 10 years in various parts of the industry (retail, wholesale), I count myself lucky to have rubbed elbows with some of the jewelry industry’s best minds, suppliers, and manufacturers.  What that means: I have the industry’s inventory at my fingertips, with insider knowledge on how to get it, at a great price, from sources who only work with those they know.
I don’t need to own a 2,000 square foot showroom to offer that.  In fact, by opting out of the traditional jewelry store model, traditional overhead costs drop significantly.  Think expenses such as:  salesperson salaries + commissions, increased insurance to cover high-value inventory, open-to-buy of multi-million dollar inventories, and huge marketing budgets.
We aren’t beholden to branded jewelry demands, such as minimum orders, minimum annual sales, and gigantic co-op marketing expectations.
Big Brand A:
You need a minimum $100,000 opening order with us to carry this brand.  We expect at least $300,000 in annual sales from you.  We’ll even pay your sales associates $75 a ring to sell our product.  Oh, and you have to use our displays and spend $5,000 to 10,000 a year in marketing our brand on all social media channels.  If you don’t do this, we’ll take the line from you.
(…so what do you think the sales associates want to sell you?)


The Leake Co. teaches you how to choose a round diamond
Making the Most of Your Spend
We’re kind of like your real estate buyer’s agent, just for jewelry.
What is right for my client is right for me.  Since we don’t own huge diamond inventories and jewelry stocks, there’s no pressure to sell you what you don’t need.  We source the best options for each client, at the time they need it.
We call upon those important relationships to locate, ship in, and present best options to you.  Enjoy unbiased feedback on each choice, the pros and cons of each, and make a decision that feels right for you.
It’s our goal to educate, help, and empower you to make your own decision, not to sell you.


The Leake Co. makes each jewelry ring to order
The Client’s Request:
“I want a super rare E color VVS2 clarity diamond.  That’s what I’ve been told I need.”
The Leake Co. helps you choose the best engagement ring for you.
The Feedback:
If that is what you want, I will find that for you.  However, if you are looking to either spend less or get more diamond size from your budget, I might also suggest an equally beautiful and eye-clean F color VS2 Excellent cut GIA-reported diamond.  We will look at both.
But wait, don't I owe you a retainer?
We do not charge an up-front retainer to work with us.  In fact, you don’t owe me a dime until we start shipping in gemstones/diamonds, or rendering your design.  Learn, dream, and meet with us on your own time.
What if I don't know what I want, or I'm just starting out?
That’s my favorite phrase.
Start out with us with a clean slate.  I promise, I will meet you where you’re at in your journey.  Most times, my jewelry spidey-sense can detect what you want before you know it yourself.
Essentially, consider me as your jewelry guru, a jewelry best friend, and an advocate.  I’m on your time, so we’ll take the conversation as slow or quickly as you want.
The Lea
Working with a Private Jeweler actually means saving money and time.  Here’s how:
  • We source the best options for you, so you don’t have to spend hours in a jewelry store.
  • We’re on your side.  What is a win for you, is a win for us.
  • The focus is on you & your goals.  With no huge inventory, we aren’t beholden to anyone but you.
Ready to learn more? Contact us to talk about your dream heirloom.