PSA: Your wedding band doesn’t have to be boring.

Customizing your band has never been easier.
Don't let your wedding band design be an afterthought.
Our partnership with Lashbrook Designs unleashes the power of ultimate customization.
For decades, we’ve all seen the iconic gold wedding band:  6mm wide, high polished, and slightly domed.
(Come on, you know exactly what I’m talking about:
your grandfather’s wedding band.)
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for tradition.  I love this heirloom style band; the design is classic, clean, and able to be passed down among generations.  But what if you want something different?  Maybe (gasp!) not gold?  Or with materials that are personal to you?
Thanks to Lashbrook Designs, we’re going to blow the lid off the “typical band” and introduce a whole world of customizations…at price points for any budget.
Discover the many shades of common jewelry metals.
Photo Credit:  Zero Porosity
Golds, Platinum, and Alternative Metals
From black zirconium to damascus, choose the right material for your look.
If you caught our last journal entry, you know we offer over 7 shades of fine metals in golds and platinum.  With our Metal Discovery Bar in studio, we’ll help you find just the right precious metal and shade for your skintone and lifestyle.
However, for those of us who are a little…different…we offer a whole world of options.  Here are some of the ever-expanding material options we offer:
    • Cobalt
    • Titanium & Titanium Damascus
    • Tungsten
    • Black Zirconium
    • Damascus (multiple weaves)
    • Tantalum & Tantalum Noir
    • Superconductor & Superconductor Noir
    • Meteorite
    • Abalone & Mother of Pearl
    • Real Tree, King’s, & Mossy Oak Camo patterns
    • Dinosaur Bone
    • Alaskan Gold Nugget
    • Variety of Crushed Gemstones
    • Hardwoods & Bourbon Barrel Wood
    • Cerakote
    • Antler
    • Or bring your own material!
Let's not stop there. How else can we make this band unique? What about engravings?
In short:  if you can dream it, we can probably do it.
Maybe you want a soundwave of your partner’s voice engraved on your ring?  Can do.
Or your baby’s fingerprint on the inside of the band, always near you?
Can do.
Or want to write a message to your beloved on the band?
Yep, can do.
Or your favorite song, skyline, or pattern?  (You guessed it : can do!)
Of course, we can also do the traditional engravings:  your wedding date, initials, etc.  But we can laser engrave any pattern or image you want, almost anywhere on your band.
Photo Credit:  Lashbrook Designs
Photo Credit:  Lashbrook Designs
Colors, Maintenance, and Sizing
Lashbrook Designs offers a Lifetime Warranty with every piece.
From inky black to bright silvers, our materials run the gamut.  Here’s a handy guide on the wear patterns, hardness, and durability of our materials.
For a dark material that also withstands the test of time, I suggest tantalum or zirconium.  These materials come in gunmetal grey and in black.
For ultimate wear, I suggest cobalt and tungsten as a dense, medium-weight materials that is the most scratch resistant option.
Luckily for you, every material we work in includes resizing options!  During your Design Appointment, we’ll view and compare materials and instantly design your ring with our Ring Configuration Tool.


Choosing your band can be fun!
Design your own instantly with our Ring Configuration Tool.
Choose your unique textures, inlays, and gemstones.
But wait, do I have to match my partner's ring?
Gosh, no.
Sure, tradition tells us that our wedding bands should match.  But in the modern era, most of my clients’ wedding bands don’t match at all.  And why should they, unless that’s what you really want?
I work with my hands a lot. What should I do?
First and foremost, all of our Lashbrook Design bands come with a free, black silicone band.  Check!
Secondly, I’d probably suggest hard materials like tantalum, golds, and cobalt for you.  These materials can be cut off in an emergency, and are very hard for everyday wear.  They can also be refinished fairly easily!
Of course, I always suggest taking off your rings or wearing your silicone band when doing heavy manual labor, in an ideal world.
The Lea

Custom Jewelry in the Modern Age

Let’s break out of the mold and tailor your heirloom to you.
  • Choose your favorite color
  • Learn about the benefits and limitations of each metal
  • Use our Ring Configuration Tool to instantly design & price your look.
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