What is a Private Jeweler? What it means and how it can benefit you.

The Leake Co. helps clients design jewelry in budget, with a personal service
Feel like a millionaire without spending millions.
``Private Jeweler`` sounds elitist, but the benefits actually save you money.
Having a “Private Jeweler” isn’t just for those who have huge budgets, deep pockets, and fancy connections. You know, those who have drivers, handlers, & personal assistants.   The folks who shut down businesses after hours to shop privately, have “racks” already pulled for them, and have an in-store account.
In fact, most of our clients are normal people, who simply wanted a more personal, stress-free, and fun way to find their next jewelry piece.
Let’s demystify what “Private Jeweler” means in the modern world for normal people.  Surprisingly, shopping with a Private Jeweler can typically yield more value for your spend, saved time, and higher quality jewelry.
How it Works
How does working with a Private Jeweler differ from shopping in a normal jewelry store?
Imagine a world where you can work solely with the owner of the jewelry store, on your time, and you’re guaranteed to stay in budget.  And that owner is also a GIA Graduate Gemologist, with the industry’s inventory at her fingertips.
Working with a Private Jeweler allows you to leave your details and ideas, then go about your day.  You won’t waste time traveling from store to store, dealing with a salesperson pressuring you… then rushing you out the door.
Give us the details, then leave it with us.
Your Private Jeweler is like a real-estate buyers agent rather than a car salesman.  Less of “here’s what we have, pick one!” and more “I’ll find the perfect thing.”
We take your wishlist, details, and jewelry aesthetic, and do all of the legwork to find exactly what you need.  Since we meet with you one-on-one, we’re able to get to know you better as a person, and as a result, know more about your wants and style.
Best of all?  Most Private Jewelers don’t carry tons and tons of inventory, so you’re never pressured to buy what’s in the case.  We keep your best interests in mind as we contact our global network of cutters, wholesalers, and designers.
    • Worked one-on-one with each client without an upfront design retainer or commission.
    • Average design/project length: 4 weeks
    • We work with local Louisville clients, as well as remote/non-local clients
    • All clients kept up with their project virtually, instead of calling endlessly for updates or frequent in-store appointments.
    • Clients consistently state they actually came in under budget and/or received higher quality jewelry for their spend, when comparing to a typical store.  (Read our reviews here for proof!)
Does a Private Jeweler offer all the services found at the big stores?
Absolutely!  (Just in a different, better way.)
Here at The Leake Co., we are a full-service jeweler.  Best known for our Signature Custom Jewelry Design Services, we also restyle old jewelry, repair jewelry, appraise jewelry, and provide sourcing services for jewelry gifts.
Whether you are wanting to design your next heirloom, or rework an existing piece, we’re here to advise and help you bring it to life.  If you’ve been dreaming of a pristine watch, tennis bracelet, diamond studs, or a designer piece, we can find your perfect milestone gift.
We work on all jewelry.
Our repair and appraisal services are done right here in Louisville, Kentucky, so your pieces never leave our care.  We also repair and appraise items that were not purchased from us.
Make an appointment online to have your jewelry items checked, cleaned, and repaired.
The Leake Co. educates you on the best diamond for you
The Leake Co. helps you choose the best engagement ring and diamond.
How It's Different
Think of me as your jewelry advisor...not a salesperson.
What is right for my client is right for me.  Since we don’t own huge diamond inventories and jewelry stocks, there’s no pressure to sell you what you don’t need.  We source the best options for each client, at the time they need it.
We call upon those important relationships to locate, ship in, and present best options to you.  Enjoy unbiased feedback on each choice, the pros and cons of each, and make a decision that feels right for you.
It’s our goal to educate, help, and empower you to make your own decision, not to sell you.


The Leake Co. makes each jewelry ring to order
The Client’s Request:
“I want a super rare E color VVS2 clarity diamond.  That’s what I’ve been told I need.”
The Leake Co. helps you choose the best engagement ring for you.
The Feedback:
If that is what you want, I will find that for you.  However, if you are looking to either spend less or get more diamond size from your budget, I might also suggest an equally beautiful and eye-clean F color VS2 Excellent cut GIA-reported diamond.  We will look at both.
But wait, don't I owe you a retainer?
Your first consultation is completely, 100% free!  In fact, there are no deposits required until we start shipping in jewelry, selecting gemstones/diamonds, or rendering your design.  Learn, dream, and meet with us on your own time.
What if I don't know what I want, or I'm just starting out?
That’s my favorite phrase.
Start out with us with a clean slate.  I promise, I will meet you where you’re at in your journey.  Most times, my jewelry spidey-sense can detect what you want before you know it yourself.
Essentially, consider me as your jewelry guru, a jewelry best friend, and an advocate.  I’m on your time, so we’ll take the conversation as slow or quickly as you want.
The Lea
     Working with a Private Jeweler actually means saving money and time.  Here’s how:
  • We source the best options for you, so you don’t have to spend hours in a jewelry store.
  • We’re on your side.  What is a win for you, is a win for us.
  • The focus is on you & your goals.  With no huge inventory, we aren’t beholden to anyone but you.
     Ready to learn more? Contact us to talk about your dream heirloom.