JM Care Plans

JM Care Plan
When you receive a new piece of jewelry, the last thing you want is to worry about future repairs and aesthetic needs.
The JM Care Plan covers any necessary future repairs on your jewelry, for either an extended policy (JM Extended Care Plan) or for a period of 3 years (JM 3-Year Care Plan)
From resizing to prong repair, rhodium plating, polishing, as well as insured shipping to a repair center, the JM Care Plan provides peace-of-mind for your next purchase.
  • Insured Shipping to & from a repair jeweler
  • Polishing & Refinishing
  • Rhodium Plating for White Gold
  • Tarnishing and scratching
  • Broken, bent, or worn prongs
  • Loss of diamonds and gemstones due to a defective setting
  • Replacement of cracked or chipped stones
  • Thinning or cracked ring shanks
  • Ring soldering
  • Ring resizing
  • Broken chain, bracelet links or clasp
  • Broken chain soldering
  • Kinked bracelets or chains
  • Broken earring posts
What is Not Covered
For all else, choose Jeweler's Mutual Insurance
Loss, theft, or mysterious disappearance are not covered under any JM Care Plan.
The JM Care Plan is a service policy, not insurance.
For comprehensive jewelry insurance, please consider obtaining coverage from Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance.
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Plan Pricing
How Much Does a JM Care Plan Cost?

Purchase the JM Care Plan at the same time as your jewelry purchase.  This plan must be purchased for each piece of jewelry and does not cover multiple items.  For instance, if you want the benefits of the JM Care Plan for your wedding set (engagement ring and wedding band), a plan must be purchased for each ring.

Care Plan pricing depends on the price of the item pre-tax.  All Care Plans are supplied by Jeweler’s Mutual and sold by The Leake Co.
How long does the JM Extended Care Plan last?

The plan covers any repairs necessary on your jewelry item, until the maximum total value of the piece is exhausted in repairs.

This is typically the lifetime of the piece, although this varies from wearer to wearer.

How do I file a claim?

After you have purchased your JM Extended Care Plan, and your jewelry requires servicing, please reach out to us by phone or email.

You must have your receipt and JM Care Plan brochure as proof of coverage.

Will my item be repaired or replaced?

Your item will be repaired, assuming the damage is repairable, so long as the cost to repair does not exceed the cost of the original product. Otherwise, it will be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions
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