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Jewelry is the world's tiniest memory capsule
It’s been my mantra over the years.  These little pieces of precious metal and gems somehow hold all of our dearest memories within their sparkle, shine and adornment.
Starting The Leake Co. was driven by the need to get back to Artful Jewelry.  I wanted to show my clients how easy and fun that jewelry design could be, all while creating jewelry that could be gifted from generation to generation.
A Creative Approach
Prior to entering the jewelry industry, my background was in the fine arts.  With three degrees in Music Performance (Operatic Music), the power of creativity is deeply personal to me. 
A career change over a decade ago led me on a path of artful jewelry, which spans independent jewelry retail to national jewelry brand representation, and becoming a GIA Graduate Gemologist. 
My design background is informed by mentorships with various high jewelry designer brands, previously having traveled the country as a jewelry representative, and a deep adoration for legacy jewelry making techniques.  I am honored to have learned from some of our jewelry industry’s finest design and manufacturing minds, and carrying that wisdom to our clients’ jewelry collections.
The storyboard she then created made it easy to communicate ideas and she was always prompt with responses. The final design looked better than either of us could have imagined and the real ring mesmerizes my fiancée and I everyday with its beauty.
C & R
For You
Design Theory
Although I work in all styles for my clients, my personal designs tend to feature sharp aesthetic contrasts.
Romantic & Modern.
Sweet & Spicy.
Elegant & Avant-Garde.
Fellow designers have described my natural style as “elegant with a little bit of rock & roll.” This dichotomy tends to produce approachable, everyday jewelry with a slight edginess.
Honoring our heritage.

Established in 2021, The Leake Co. is all about generational stories.

My great-grandmother, Susie Leak, was a woman about town. Known for her bright personality and strength of character, she passed this fiery spirit on to her daughter, my amazing grandmother.

I came by my love of jewelry honestly. My grandmother collected jewelry from trips, milestone moments, and just because. Some of my most cherished heirlooms are from her, and when I need an extra boost of confidence, I reach for her pieces.
GIA Graduate Gemologist
GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional
Member, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
Forming selective relationships with gem, diamond, and materials vendors is core to The Leake Co., constantly reviewing those partnerships to ensure the quality our clients have come to expect.
Ready to start your heirloom with us?
Whether you are beginning your jewelry journey or a jewelry expert, come share your story.
I look forward to being your personal jeweler.
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