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We strive to create jewelry of the highest quality, using the most current, state-of-the-art production methods available on the market.

Here at The Leake Co., we have a strong commitment to the transparency, education, and ethics of jewelry making.  In the efforts to bring more awareness and truth to the jewelry industry’s processes, we spell out our company’s policies on how your heirloom is sourced and made.

Our Limited Warranty accompanies every custom piece we make, so you can wear your item with confidence.

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The Leake Co. Limited Warranty
As a custom jeweler, The Leake Co. has the advantage of closely inspecting each ring throughout the various stages of production. This opportunity allows us to provide high quality hand-crafted products with superior craftsmanship.  We warranty our jewelry against casting errors.  However, this warranty does not cover damage due to “wear and tear,” including but not limited to, scratches to metal, rhodium replating, bent or missing prongs, ring reshaping, or lost diamonds/gemstones.  These occurrances are inherent to jewelry ownership and are to be expected through the lifetime of the item.


Precious metals and gemstones/diamonds are delicate by nature and require care and attention to extend the lifetime of the jewelry piece. Rings in particular need routine preventative maintenance due to the constant impact incurred by day-to-day wear. Issues that you may encounter from regular wear such as bending, missing or broken diamonds, worn/bent/broken prongs are considered “wear and tear” and will not be covered by our warranty. Since these occurrences are anticipated through the lifetime of your rings, it is recommended to obtain third-party insurance coverage for the possibility of loss, theft or damage which is not covered by The Leake Co.


Damage, repair, or any alterations performed by someone other than The Leake Co. will not be covered by our warranty and will render all warranties null and void.
This warranty only applies to parts and/or entire pieces provided by The Leake Co. and does not extend to metals, pieces, or materials not originally provided by, or purchased from, The Leake Co.
The JM Lifetime Care Plan
Clients may opt for more comprehensive service, including wear and tear, by adding on a JM Lifetime Care Plan.  We highly suggest it!
JM Lifetime Care Plan
Ring Resizing
All new rings custom-made or sourced by The Leake Co. include one free resizing within 60 days of receipt, within 1 whole size up or down (ex: Size 6 sized up to Size 7). This does not include eternity rings.
In the event that your ring needs resizing further than the aforementioned range, we will provide a quote to resize properly or remake your ring at an additional cost. We suggest having wearers sized before purchasing.
Contact us for tips on obtaining finger size.
Requesting Repairs
If you experience an issue requiring repair, The Leake Co. will gladly inspect your heirloom and identify the problem. If the issue is determined to be the cause of manufacturing defect, we will address the repairs at no cost to you. If the problem is determined to be the cause of wear and tear, you may choose to obtain a quote for costs of repair, or submit your claim with your insurance company.
Evaluations and decisions made by The Leake Co. in all warranty claims will be considered final.
Please contact us by emailing us!
Clients may opt for more comprehensive service, including wear and tear, by adding on a JM Lifetime Care Plan.  We highly suggest it!
JM Lifetime Care Plan
Caring for Your Jewelry
We recommend visiting us every 6-12 months for jewelry inspection, a service we offer for free. During this visit, we will inspect your heirlooms for loose or damaged stones, metal damage, prong wear and tear, and overall aesthetic. We offer free jewelry cleaning for the lifetime of your jewelry, whether it was purchased from us or not.
In between visits, we recommend removing jewelry during activities, such as working out, household chores, cooking, showering, sleeping, or anytime the wearer is doing hand-intensive work.
All diamonds can be soaked in a solution of warm water and liquid dish soap, then gently brushed with a new, soft-bristle toothbrush and rinsed with water. Pat all diamonds dry before wearing.
These liquids can be damaging to jewelry.  When jewelry is routinely exposed to chlorine, household cleaners, and hand sanitizer, your jewelry may become pitted or dull.  In particular, the rhodium plating on white gold is susceptible to wearing away when hand sanitizer is frequently used.
We suggest removing all rings, bracelets, and necklaces when visiting the pool, using hand sanitizer, or handling similarly corrosive materials.
Some wearers possess a higher level of skin acidity and/or iron deficiency.  Silver and golds may react to these known issues and create dark areas and/or irritation on your skin.  Please note that this is not a manufacturing error or otherwise defect in jewelry.
Jewelry Care Tips
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