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Absolutely!  You don’t have to live local to Louisville to work with us.  Simply choose Virtual Appointment, and we would love to meet you via Zoom.


If we are using your metal, gemstones or diamonds, please bring all items.  If you have any lab reports on your diamonds & gemstones, those are great to have as well!
Otherwise, just be ready to have fun.


Most Custom Designs take 4 weeks.  However, we have worked on tight deadlines in the past!
Design Rendering and refinements typically take 1 to 1.5 weeks.
Casting, polishing, and stone setting typically takes 2 weeks.
We always advise our client to allow for extra steps like contract signing, payment, and quality control.  We make every effort to work within your stated deadline.
We work in a variety of precious metals:
14k White Gold, 14k X1 White Gold, 18k White Gold
14k Rose Gold
18k Yellow Gold, 18k Royal Yellow Gold, 18k Celadon Yellow Gold
Sterling Silver
Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds & Gemstones, Natural Gemstones, & Moissanite
Absolutely!  That’s our favorite.
Most heirloom diamonds & gemstones (loose or mounted) can be used in a new design.  We can also restyle your heirloom jewelry by simply changing its function or shape.
Sometimes, we can utilize your existing metal in the new design.  Bring any metal you have, and we can advise on how best to incorporate it.
Yes!  Our new custom designs include a Computer Aided Design (CAD) rendering of your item, as well as a 3D printed resin try-on prototype.
We want you to feel confident in your design choice.  All designs include the opportunity to refine your design before production.
We provide a complimentary lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
This warranty covers manufacturer defects for the lifetime of your piece, which includes concerns such as casting errors.  All rings include one free resizing, within (1) whole finger size, within 60 days of receiving your item.
For concerns due to wear and tear, common to any jewelry item, we are happy to provide a quote on repair.  We also offer a comprehensive JM Lifetime Care Plan available to purchase, which covers common repair needs.


Custom jewelry designs can vary based on the metal, complexity, time needed, and stones used.
Most simple gold designs begin at $1500.  Most simple platinum designs begin at $2000.  Sterling silver items begin at $750.
We work with a variety of budgets, and love coming up with creative ways to make your vision financially possible.
We work with a variety of budgets!  The benefit of working with a private jeweler is receiving utmost attention, without being pushed beyond your financial limit.
We always tell our clients that we can design for the exact specifications you want, or scale your design to comfortably fit into a budget.  Many times, those two can coexist!  We pride ourselves in finding creative solutions to achieve our clients’ design visions within the financial needs.
Every step of the way, from Design Appointment to delivery, we will communicate about estimates, pricing, and final quote.
We always provide an estimate range when you sign your Design Fee retainer.  No surprises or stress, here!
Once we render & professionally design your item, you will receive a firm, final production quote on your Design Production Contract.  All quotes are valid for 3 weeks.
All contracts and invoicing are sent digitally.  Our payment schedule typically happens in three steps:
  1. Design Fee:  This design retainer of $350 is collected after your first free Design Appointment and one free Artboard.  The Design Fee covers our time to sketch or otherwise computer render your design, up to (3) refinements, and one try-on resin prototype.
  2. Production Deposit:  Once we perfect your design, we require 50% of the final quoted price to begin making your piece.  You will receive a detailed contract to review and sign.
  3. Final Payment:  The balance of your project is due upon delivery.  We also offer financing options.
We offer multiple payment options to fit your needs.
Credit Card/Debit Card Payments
ACH/Wire Transfer
Cash Payments
6 month term financing through Jeweler’s Reserve by Citibank (APPLY HERE)
Click here for more information on payments and financing.


We source all jewelry items, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, and rings.  Contact us to set up a Concierge Appointment.
We work a little differently than most jewelry stores.  Instead of cases and cases of inventory, we prefer to take a more targeted approach to finding your perfect piece.  Fill out the Concierge Shopping form on our Concierge page, and we will call in a selection of pieces from our global network that fit your criteria.  We promise, we’ll find just the right piece at the right price.
We do produce limited numbers of our original signature jewelry designs, available for order or viewing in store.
Contact us for more details.  We’d love to help!
We currently do not buy preowned jewelry.
Trade in your scrap silver, gold, and platinum for a Metal Credit!  We will weigh any unused or unloved metal at current market value and offer you a cash value.
If you are interested in trading in any diamonds or gemstones towards your design or purchase, please bring your items and any paperwork (appraisals, lab reports, receipts) to your appointment.  For best results, ensure your items are presentable, untangled, and clean before bringing them in.
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